Sorbothane Sorbo pro

Sorbothane Sorbo pro

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SUPERIOR IMPACT PROTECTION. Sorbothane’s unique polymer enhances the body’s natural defence mechanisms, by absorbing 94.7% of vibrations on impact before dispersing these shockwaves laterally.

REACTOR PADS. Highly-responsive, technical forefoot compound inlaid to compliment the foot’s natural energy return during ‘toe-off’.

BIOMECHANICAL FIT Supports, aligns & cushions the sole of the foot to carefully centre the user’s geometry. The stabilising arch provides a biomechanical fit to address excessive foot pronation and strain to plantar ligaments and muscles. This prevents prolonged damage to the ankles, knees, hips & back.

COOLMAX Engineered to provide ultimate breathability by wicking away moisture from the body during sustained, high intensity activity.

AIR HOLES Promote optimum ventilation through the insole during intensive activity.

ANTIBACTERIAL TOP SHEET A new antibacterial top sheet prevents odours from forming within the shoe.

FIT The Sorbo Pro replaces the existing insole in order to provide maximum performance protection. Features Trim-to-Fit Lines for a bespoke fit.

Available for shoe sizes UK 3-12.5 (EUR 35-48)