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Join our Pure Running community 

We'd love you to join our Pure Running community.

For eight years, we have been helping runners, walkers and those into their well-being and health to keep moving forward. We are very proud to have built up an online community through our social channels who chat to us all the time about what run they have done, ask us for help or advice on a niggle or injury ( we know lots of good physios!) or need help on getting the latest running shoes. 

We are here to help our Pure Running community one step at a time. We can advise on all things running, walking and pushing yourself to bigger and better goals. Many of our friends and customers could be out with injury or illness - our social channels have many like minded people who are here to help, advise and inspire. 

Join our Pure Running community

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. You will see lots of great things happening here - often driven by our brilliant customers. Sign up to our E Newsletter (via this website) and you will be able to enter competitions, be the first to hear about newly released running shoes and gear or get a recommendation from one of our team.

Many of our team have been working with the running brands for over 15 years - we know running shoes and we can give lots of interesting angles and advice on what’s new and what could be a perfect shoe for your next running event. We will be working at running events such as Dublin marathon, running park runs, training for our next half - chats with us as we all train together and share stories and successes. Sign up today and join our Pure Running community.