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Simply call into our city centre Belfast store to avail of our gait analysis and expert shoe fitting service.

This is a free service when buying shoes, if not there will be a £30 charge that you get back as a gift voucher.

If you have any queries, call us on 02890 325151, otherwise, just call in.

Gait Analysis

Our team are runners who regularly test our products. We have been helping runners and walkers choose the best shoes suited to their gait, fit and special requirements - since 2012. Our team have over 100 years combined running specialist experience. We pride ourselves on our knowledge to help our customers choose the best shoe for them.

We believe that everyone walks or runs in some form (where possible) and that a comfortable walking/running shoe is key. Many people whom we see for the first time are wearing the wrong  size shoes. It should also be noted that running brands and sizes can differ. This is another aspect of shoe fitting and offering advice where our expert knowledge helps in conjunction with our gait analysis. 

We also help many people who are simply looking for (what we call) an ultra comfortable shoe that fits well for every day walking.  We are thankful for all those who recommend Pure Running - from medical consultants, physios and podiatrists to all those in our brilliant and expanding running community. Thank you, we really appreciate it. 

With the advancement of running shoe technology, talk to our team about Carbon plate shoes, guidance shoes or perhaps the most cushioned shoe for you if you are doing ‘big miles’. We also have a new range of ultra comfortable and durable walking shoes coming in 2021 - ask us about these. We are currently testing some amazing new walking shoes and boots. On the running shoe front, we can happily advise on the latest Asics Novablast, Hoka Carbon X, Saucony Endorphin range, On Running cloud tech, the best trail shoes and much, much more. 

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