Hilly Supreme Anklet- Medium Cushioning

Hilly Supreme Anklet- Medium Cushioning

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Hilly Supreme Anklet - medium Cushioning

Key features: 

1. DriRelease Wool – super soft, high wicking, anti-microbial

2. NanoGlide – in heel and toe – soft and friction free prevents blisters

3. Mid-level anatomical cushioning in key pressure zones for optimum comfort 

4. Anti-Odour - Anti-microbial & high wicking properties from DriRelease wool

5. Flat under toe seam construction 

6. Vented upper and arch grip

 Fibre composition 50% Polyester (DriRelease), 7% Wool (DriRelease), 26% Polyamide (Nylon), 15% Polyamide (NanoGLIDE), 2% Elastane (LYCRA SPORT)