Goodr Best Dystopia Ever

Goodr Best Dystopia Ever

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In the spirit of futurism, like these futuristic blue Best Dystopia Ever VRG Goodr sunglasses, we decided to let AI write this post: These crisp and innovative blue sunnies will teleport you to the enchanted rave of your dreams where you will dance until you are crystallized forever in a glittering dystopian paradise!

Made for medium noggins.

Mirrored Reflective Lenses - reduces glare & hides your eyes.

No Slip, No Bounce, All Polarised.

No Slip - crafted with a special grip-coated frame to eliminate slippage when sweating.

No Bounce - Snug, Lightweight frame with a comfortable fit that prevents bouncing during time travel.

All Polarized - Glare reducing, polarised lenses with UV400 protection block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from robot overlords.

All Future - futuristic one-lens frame that will convince people that you travelled here from the future to warn us about the AI takeover.