Steigen Unisex 1/4 Length

Steigen Unisex 1/4 Length

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Athletic or Running Socks are an accessory for comfort – the less you feel them the better. Steigen running socks are thin which creates minimal space between the shoe and your foot.This then leads to less movement in the shoe and then less fiction/heat. Steigen Running Socks are designed to create an environment in which blisters are less likely to form. They are designed to give the wearer a more responsive feeling from foot and shoe. 

One Size Fits All ! 

Forefoot pad for comfort and durability 

Arch supports 

Lightweight fabric for fast moisture transfer and breathability 

Microfiber nylon (80%) with Lycra (20%) for form fit 

Airflow top mesh 

Super flat toe seam for superior comfort 

Ankle-crease reduction channels 

Greater control 100% Blister Free Guarantee

 Steigen Is Made By Athletes, For Athletes.